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Re: Need to get data out of damaged iBook


> So here is the challenge: I badly need files from /home on my iBook.
> /home is separate ext3 partition. It would be also nice to save my
> kernel config file (for benh10).

I see only a chance, if you take out your drive. If you have an apple center
or dealer near you, maybe he will/can help

>I got all of my files (6+ gig) backed up that way, before
>shipping the machine off to Apple.  That being said, after getting it
>back from Apple (after the logic board replacement), my data was

This is gambling, because you can not surely say what they do. I know this
for sure:
Out of ten damaged i- or powerbooks there where 8 with a blank new system on
but there where nothing with the drives, just different problems.
I was working in an apple center in germany and you do the best if you copy
your files,
if you can.

Frank Escher

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