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Need to get data out of damaged iBook

Big problem for me, but challenge for you, Debian Gurus!

Something happened to my iBook 2.2 - stripes started to appear on the
screen and then it crashed. When I turned it off an tried to turn on
again screen was just black. After I took out the battery and left the
computer with no power for some an hour I was able to start the computer
and also Debian on it - but only for 10 minutes. I was only able to copy
a mere catalogue to my quick-and-dirty-arranged file server and the
iBook went down again. Now the computer is in Apple Service (Center?).

So here is the challenge: I badly need files from /home on my iBook.
/home is separate ext3 partition. It would be also nice to save my
kernel config file (for benh10).

Here is what I (and Apple technicians) tried:
1. Start iBook and use ssh to copy files over a network - there are some
sounds of working harddrive, but I do not know what system it boots - my
default was Debian, but it seems to start OS X when screen is black
(because when I press "power-on" button on the iBook and then "Enter" it
turns off after less than 10 seconds); no sucess.
2. Use external monitor adaptor to connect monitor - no sucess.
3. Use another iBook to boot of my disk but over firewire - OS X from my
machine boots, but Debian - no, so: no sucess.

It is impossible to remove the harddrive from my computer to put it into
other machine because my warranty would void. Apple guys told me that
they will send this computer abroad (to the Netherlands or Ireland), so
they cannot put the disk out of the computer, put it to another one and
i.e. burn the data on a CD.

Your help is highly appreciated.

Best regards,
Lukasz Studzinski

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