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Re: extremely slow KDE/Gnome

On Mon, 2003-05-12 at 18:43, Joss Winn wrote: 
> Thanks.  As it happens, the problem was with the package 'dhcp3-client'
> and not with either KDE or Gnome.  On the day I got ADSL, I started
> using dhcp with a router, I downloaded a lot of packages including
> dhclient and then the unbearably slow logins began.  
> After uninstalling a lot of KDE and Gnome I found that
> login was hanging for several minutes with other window managers and
> also found that typing into search fields like google or
> user/password fields for web mail, also caused the browser to hang.   
> I don't understand why it was doing this, but uninstalling dhcp3-client
> and switching to 'pump' has fixed it.
> anyone got an explanation for this?

Likely something like a bogus nameserver entry causing DNS timeouts.

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