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Is my combodrive dying (again)


I don't know if this is realy ppc-specific, but as you guys and girls
probably know the best about mac-hardware....
I have a TiBook III

Thing is I can't read nor write CD-RWs,
when I have a CD-RW in the Drive I get this message:

scsi0:ERROR on chanel0, id0,lun0 CDB:Request sense 00 00 00 40 00
Info fld=0x527a2, Current sd0b:00 sense key Medium Error
Additional sense indicates L-EC uncorrectable error
	I/O error: dev 0b:00, sector 1351446

I already had the drive, the HD and the board changed once, and I think
when it all started that time, it started aswell with a problem with
I had the apple-hardware-cd running yesterday and it didn't find
anything, but it doesn't test the cd-drive, and it needed it's time to
start up form the cd and did make strange sounds searching for something
on the cd, don't know, the system or the start-block or whatever...



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