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Re: extremely slow KDE/Gnome

Hi Joss,

do you see anything particular in your ~/.gnome-errors? This might help
track your problem to its cause. You can also try to see if any
particular messages are logged during your logging in using something

"grep -hr 'May 12 17:3' * | sort | uniq | less"

in the directory /var/log as root. (You have to change 'May 12 17:3' to
some time range in which the problem appeared.)

Good luck


On Sun, 2003-05-11 at 01:06, Joss Winn wrote:
> Hello,
> Since running apt-get update/upgrade yesterday, both gnome and kde
> are extremely slow to start - almost non functional - after the first login.
> Is anyone else experiencing this? I was running mainly gnome but
> also installed most of kde 3.1.1 at this time and wonder if it is
> something the kde install has affected.
> it's made the GUI system a real pain.  2D acceleration is fine but
> login takes up to 5 minutes and some apps and preference settings
> take several minutes, too.
> cheers
> Joss
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