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Re: Newbie problems

El Martes, 13 de Mayo de 2003 02:18, Jule Slootbeek escribió:
> Well i tried compiling Ben H's kernel, and what happened was that my
> keyboard got remapped in a way that i could not deal with, so i reinstalled
> the whole thing, this time adding dmasound drivers to the kernel, then i
> did a chmod 666 /dev/dsp and all that. and now the sound works fine.
> thanks for all your help guys!
> expect me back here with more problems later!...:)

(sorry for stop replying, I'v been a bit busy lately)

The problem with the keyboard, is in some faq, somewhere O:-), i never used 
it, because I never had problems with my keyboard, but it seems is a common 
problem with keycodes.

If it can help, yo can use my .config:


It works for me, and its a modified version that I found in a very helpfull 
article (modifications are because the video card is different, and I'm using 
diferent drivers: the ones I mentioned from Däenzer's respository):

It's in spanish, but configuration files and scripts are the same ;-).

Best regards.
Alex (a.k.a. suy) - GPG ID: 0xAA8D2A01
http://lacurva.net/ - Jabber ID: suy@es.tipic.com

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