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Re: ibook trackpad

Citeren David Friggens <david@mcs.vuw.ac.nz>:

> ] I've read on the list you want to tell the trackpad notap
> I've got my trackpad set to notap with pbbuttonsd and have the same 
> issue. That's just to stop the trackpad acting as a button, I think.
> > Yes, that's true.. it works OK on OS X.. and "inaccurate" is exactly
> > the word I was looking for.. :-) Wonder if there's any solution to
> > this?
> It worked fine when I lowered the sensitivity in KDE. I assume there's 
> some X setting for outside of KDE but I haven't gotten around to 
> looking in to it just yet. Hopefully someone else has done so and can 
> save us the search ... :-)

When you set notap for the trackpad you will get tired after a while of 
wokring with the relativly heavy single mouse button (at least on a 
PowerBook). An alternative with setting notap, is that you set F10 to mouse 
button 1, like probably most people have F11 as mouse 2 and F12 as mouse 3. 
This is especially handy when you are left handed.


> David
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