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Re: powerbook 15" 1Ghz question ...

On Wed, 2003-04-16 at 16:16, Michael Flaig wrote:
> Hi all,
> I thought about buying the Powerbook G4 15" 1GHz, but have a few
> GNU/Linux related questions. So I would be happy If someone who has this
> TiBook could give me some answeres ...

great choice! i just got mine yesterday =)

> As far as I know
> - Powermanagement does work with latest Benh Kernels (suspend)
> - XFree86 work's but without 3D Accelration

i think 3d acceleration works with daezers modules. i didnt
really try it seriously by myself. but its supposed to work.

> - Sound works
works great. yes.


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