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Installing on a beige G3


I'm trying to get Debian 3.0r1 running as the only OS on a beige G3.  So
far, I've gotten through the install process and rebooted....and
nothing.  On the first reboot, I get an Open Firmware-type screen with
the message "Can't open device".  Subsequent reboots get the dread
floppy-with-question-mark on the screen.  I'm pretty sure that it is a
problem with Open Firmware and Quik, but not sure how to solve it.  I
tried the OF patch in the System Disk download to no avail.  Also, I
found the Quik patch quik-first.b-g3, but am not sure how to apply that
patch.  If anyone can help a newbie, I'd appreciate it.


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