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RE: Trying to get XFree to work on a PowerBook G3.


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> From: Chris Tillman [mailto:tillman@voicetrak.com]
> Sent: dinsdag 11 maart 2003 04:49
> To: Debian-Powerpc
> Subject: Re: Trying to get XFree to work on a PowerBook G3.
> Take a look at
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2002/debian-powerpc-200207/
> msg00331.html
> Re: Linux 2.4 on PowerBook G3 pismo
> And the thread it's in. Your powerbook may be a lombard or pismo,
> that would probably be useful to know (I think the lombard has a
> bronze keyboard).

Then I guess mine is a pismo, since its keyboard is black. The link itself
unfortunately did not help me much, but I did come across a little program
called Xautocfg on penguinppc.org:

I ran this on my PowerBook and it generated a working XF86Config! :-)
Now I just have to figure out how to get the cursor keys working under X,
but I'll get to that some time.

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