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Re: cd-rw on ibook2

On Sun, 2003-03-09 at 00:15, Gary Sandine wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-03-08 at 15:51, Guido Amoruso wrote:
> > Could you explain me what to do? Have I to replave video=ofonly with
> > video=atyfb, and/or change XF86Config-4? I'll search on the list for
> > drm-trunk: in the meanwhile, can you tell me something more?
> I learned how to do it here
> http://www.cattlegrid.net/~christophe/titanium/#XFREE
> (The page is written for TiBook, but many items are identical for
> iBook.)

Thank you very much!
Now all seems to work well: video=atyfb, "Usefbdev" "true", snooze, cd-rw...


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