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unstable more stable than testing

No kidding. IMHO, this is just plain wrong. :-)
I added an "unstable" line to /etc/apt/sources.lst
so that I could get support for Linux 2.5.xx kernel
modules, which forced a glibc upgrade as well.
Then I booted into 2.5.62 with oprofile hacked in.
(using linuxppc-2.5 source)


1. Some video corruption at the top of X goes away.
   (Rage 128 PF/PRO AGP 4x TMDS with Cinema display)

2. The gnome-spell + evolution bug goes away:
   170922 147398 144415
   Maybe CLONE_THREAD is being used?

3. My onboard Ethernet comes back from the dead.
   I have a Mac Cube; for a year now the built-in
   100 Mb/s Ethernet has been all "00" in "lspci -x"
   and completely unable to work. Now it works.

Note the Cc: to those bugs if you respond.

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