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Re: cd-rw on ibook2

On Sat, 2003-03-08 at 15:51, Guido Amoruso wrote:
> Could you explain me what to do? Have I to replave video=ofonly with
> video=atyfb, and/or change XF86Config-4? I'll search on the list for
> drm-trunk: in the meanwhile, can you tell me something more?

I learned how to do it here


(The page is written for TiBook, but many items are identical for

My iBook2.2 XF86Config file is available by anonymous FTP here:


along with some other configs here


(Check the readme to see where the config files go; e.g. there's stuff
to switch the CPU to low speed when on battery, APT configuration, stuff
for modules.conf that goes in /etc/modutils....)

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