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Re: Considering moving to Debian PowerPC

On Sat, Dec 28, 2002 at 02:19:42PM +0100, Michel D?nzer wrote:
> Actually, it seems to disable the code which actually puts the chip into
> D2 suspend mode (which might mean the chip wastes power during sleep)
> and restores a couple extra registers which should probably be handled
> by other code anyway.
> > Anyway I was not aware that ben was working on it, so next week I will 
> > rsync often and give feedback.
> Well, I thought the rsync tree was going to be static now...

I have no idea. The only thing I know I read it on penguinppc bengh
page. Is there a better way to get the benh kernel? (hoppefully without
using bk)

> Anyway, my tests with this patch on a TiBook III have shown it to work
> in console and in X with DRI disabled, but even switching to a DRI
> enabled server or starting one after sleep causes a hang, with or
> without agpgart. So either something's still wrong, or there's a
> difference between iBooks and TiBooks.

But the 'DRI or resume/suspend' situation is already a big improvment.
Thanks all for the good work.


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