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Re: Considering moving to Debian PowerPC

I have debian on the same laptop.
This page should help you:

Everything works fine except:
   No resume/suspend yet (that's the big limitation)
   No TV out
   No VGA out (or I missed something)


On Fri, Dec 27, 2002 at 06:05:53PM +1100, Andrew Nesbit wrote:
> Hi, I've got quite a lot of experience with the i386 port of Debian, 
> and now that I've got myself a Powerbook G4 667 ("DVI revision"), I'm 
> considering putting debian-powerpc on it.
> Unfortunately, documentation is relatively scarce, so I have the 
> following preparatory questions:
> * How does the benh kernel differ from the official kernel?
> * This TiBook has a Mobility Radeon 7500; am I able to get DRI and all 
> associated goodies working under XFree86?
> * How well does power management work (idle CPU, sleep/suspend, etc)?
> * Any other patches/utilities/tips a Linux/PPC user should be aware of?
> Thankyou in advance,
> Andrew.
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