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Re: Considering moving to Debian PowerPC

> >Everything works fine except:
> >   No resume/suspend yet (that's the big limitation)
> >   No TV out
> >   No VGA out (or I missed something)
> Thanks to all who replied. I now have a good idea of where I stand. It 
> seems (after some searching) that the suspend/resume issue is related 
> to ATI not having released appropriate specifications for the M7.
> Unfortunately, this limitation makes the prospect of running Linux/PPC 
> much less attractive to me. Oh well, in any case, thanks for the help, 
> guys.


two days ago I was chatting with dreamind about the snooze-issue
concerning an iBook3 (16vram). He said that benh got it working in the
latest rsync-kernel. Maybe that applys to the powerbooks too. Give it a

bye, claas

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