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Re: libc6 (>= 2.2.5-13) & liba52-0.7.4

On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 05:28:42PM -0500, Nirmal Govind wrote:
> > OTOH, the stock woody version doesn't play encrypted dvd's.  If your X
> > isn't as squirrelly as mine those lines in your sources.list should
> > let you install and compile from the source package and get around
> > your versioning problems.  (I'm using liba52-0.7.3 on x86 - my
> > laptop's at home and running OS X at the moment).
> > 
> thanks Erik.. I managed (after several installs and reinstalls mainly
> due to the unorderly fashion in which I set it up) to get vlc
> working.. the volume however is very low.. I went to max vol in the
> gmix but doesn't help much.. when xmms plays mp3's at the same
> vol. level, it's very audible though... and I couldn't find any
> setting in Vlc for an audio output stream etc.. another thing is that
> as the vol is increased the quality goes down.. again, doesn't happen
> while using xmms to listen to music... I haven't installed alsa
> yet.. would that be the solution?

start up vlc

make sure you're not playing anything.

go to Settings->Preferences-> Audio tab.

Set "audio output volume" to 1024 (the max).  hit "OK".  Now when you
start playing it'll be MUCH louder.  AFAICS, vlc doesn't adjust the
system volume, instead it manipulates the volume of the audio it sends
to the audio output plugin.  Oh, and at least on the versions I've
got, it'll forget this setting each time you close the app - "save"
and "apply" don't seem to do a damned thing.

As for system volume, that's incredibly dependent on sound card,
speakers, etc.  If using OSS, make sure both the pcm (aumix -w) volume
is cranked and the main volume (aumix -v).  I've got a Turtle Beach
card that plays very softly and a I find that setting pcm to 90 then
adjusting volume with the main control gets the job done.  YMMV, of

I've not played around with trying for the best sound quality from
vlc, but I'm betting there's some magical balance between "audio
output volume" and the system volume settings.  Personally I've never
found a card where setting the -v very high gave good quality - I
always want to get the volume up before or after that (e.g. volume on
speakers, tuner, input gain, etc).  Using "aumix -w90 -v80" on my
desktop is a desperation move - and I don't expect perfect sound to
come from it.  I'm impressed with how well this card handles it,

Hope that helps.  I spent waaay too much time fiddling with things
trying to get vlc to work in all the ways I wanted it to.


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