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Re: GeForce4 on Linux PowerPC

On Fri, 20 Dec 2002 09:42:23 +0100
Alessandro Astarita <aleast@capri.it> wrote:

> I have read your email in linux.debian.ports.powerpc newsgroup and I 
> write you because I have the same problem with GeForce4 graphic card 
> and XFree86. It only works with offb driver in 8bit mode (X is blue!!).
> I have installed last XFree from 
> http://people.debian.org/~daenzer/dri-trunk/
> and I have compiled and installed last XFree86 nv driver from CVS, but X 
> freeze during startup with a black screen.
> Do you have found a solution for this problem?

Yes, but i am not sure my solution is good for you.

Firstly i have the GeForce4 MX 420, with Apple Display Studio 15"

I have tried to compile the unstable's deb X4.2.1-4 but my screen stay black.

I have tried the XFREE CVS version with nv driver, but the CTRL ALT Fn did not work,
and some programs (as gcompris) not well.

Here is what i have done finaly
	- get the CVS version of XFree -(1)
	- get the unstable' source of Xfree (4.2.1-4)  -(2)
	- unpack a copy of the the upstream source in (2) -(3)
	- put the nv driver of (1) in (3) -(4)
	- re unpack the upstream source of (2) (5)
	- make a diff between (5) and (4)
	- put this diff in (2) as debian/patches/000_stolen_from_HEAD_nv_driver.diff -(6)
	- compile the deb source modified (6)

i had an "unclean patch apply" with the patchs 082 087 088 090 (not sure of this number). I put this patches away (ati patch, i am not

the result works in my machine with this Xfree 4.2.1 wiith cvs'nv . (2D accel only)

Of Course you use that only at your own risk. 

I think you'd better wait the release of Xfree 4.3


Yves Combe

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