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Re: Do you think Debian will run on this PowerPC board?

Chris Tillman wrote:

On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 10:11:33AM +1100, Ross Vumbaca wrote:

The AmigaOne already runs Linux, I am running Debian 3.0. Other people run SuSe. Actually I'd like to create a custom boot-floppy for it, so installation of Debian 3.0 can be easy for end users, but haven't had much time, also the package is probably in need of significant hacking.. Can't find much docs on it, does anyone know much about the boot-floppies package? If not, I'll be mailing the people I find on the Credits list soon ;)

For boot-floppies questions, you can mail to debian-boot, but for powerpc
boot-floppies, you probably got Colin's attention already. We can try to
help you out if you get in a bind.

I know just enough to be really dangerous. If it's more like a CHRP or
PReP box, there are no boot-floppies regulars AFAIK.

To build, adjust config and Makefile to your liking (see README), make
check, then make release.

Well, basically all we need to do (as far as I know) is to get rid of the MF "Your platform is not currently supported" message and give some better alternatives for keyboard (this is a VIA southbridge after all, of course we use standard PC keyboards. Only having mac keyboards and a us keyboard of some sort in the list is a constant source of annoyance).

Everything else seems to be supported already (I've made a new version of amiga-fdisk which includes amiga device name support and AOS4 boot loader support (so you partition and install the bootloader using the same program). The AOS4 boot loader doesn't support loading linux yet, so for now we boot Linux by using the same trick as the PReP (dd if=pImage of=/dev/hda1 :-) )

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