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Re: Do you think Debian will run on this PowerPC board?


William Crowshaw wrote:
This may be good news for people like me who'd rather
not support Apple by buying their over-priced,
eye-candy hardware and yet still want to use a
PowerPC.  The company that produces YDL is selling a
PowerPC motherboard and complete systems.  Here's the
link with more information:


The article says that it will be supported by, of
course, YDL, but I'm wondering if it will also run
Debian -- free, as in freedom, damn it.  The
motherboard is based on IBM 2000 POP design.  So I
imagine that it can be supported by Debian.  By hey, I
could be wrong, so that's why I'm asking here.

Some clarification is needed - the board is NOT the "Worlds first", and the story is not "Exclusive", because the TeronCX is basically the same board as AmigaOne, except that the AmigaOne is also licenced to run AmigaOS4, and is slightly more advanced. Even the firmware on the boards is the same (ppcboot).

The AmigaOne already runs Linux, I am running Debian 3.0. Other people run SuSe. Actually I'd like to create a custom boot-floppy for it, so installation of Debian 3.0 can be easy for end users, but haven't had much time, also the package is probably in need of significant hacking.. Can't find much docs on it, does anyone know much about the boot-floppies package? If not, I'll be mailing the people I find on the Credits list soon ;)

The pegasos board is also a consumer PowerPC board that runs PowerPC Linux.

So to answer your question.. yes!



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