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Re: atlas 3.4.1 and AltiVec

On Die, 2002-12-03 at 01:09, Camm Maguire wrote: 
> Greetings!  It had always been my hope to generate an atlas2-altivec
> package when I got around to updating to 3.4.1.  Unfortunately, the
> support in atlas for this is based on the C extension protocol
> (e.g. 'vector').  I notice that gcc-3.2 can (optionally?) generate
> some altivec instructions, but cannot parse this syntax.  I have
> downloaded the patched gcc and confirmed that it builds a faster atlas
> passing all tests.  My plan was to save the assembler files thus
> compiled, and pass them to the normal gcc as alternatives to be timed
> and included in the library.  Of course the easiest way for me would
> be if there was a way to have the standard gcc compile these extension
> files, which would have to work even on an autobuilder.  Lastly, I
> could hope that gcc with -maltivec is good enough to beat or basically
> match the hand written altivec C code that comes with atlas, though
> this sounds implausible.

I didn't think -maltivec generated any altivec code at all without using
special vector functions?

> Am I stuck with the first option?

I'm by no means an expert, but that's my understanding. To get in touch
with gcc experts, you may want to post to the linuxppc-dev or even gcc

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