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Re: Do you think Debian will run on this PowerPC board?

On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 10:11:33AM +1100, Ross Vumbaca wrote:
> Hi,

> The AmigaOne already runs Linux, I am running Debian 3.0. Other people 
> run SuSe. Actually I'd like to create a custom boot-floppy for it, so 
> installation of Debian 3.0 can be easy for end users, but haven't had 
> much time, also the package is probably in need of significant hacking.. 
> Can't find much docs on it, does anyone know much about the 
> boot-floppies package? If not, I'll be mailing the people I find on the 
> Credits list soon ;)

For boot-floppies questions, you can mail to debian-boot, but for powerpc
boot-floppies, you probably got Colin's attention already. We can try to
help you out if you get in a bind.

I know just enough to be really dangerous. If it's more like a CHRP or
PReP box, there are no boot-floppies regulars AFAIK.

To build, adjust config and Makefile to your liking (see README), make
check, then make release.

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