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Re: working files for Woody install to an Old World ?

On Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 02:15:13AM -0700, vinai wrote:
> Chris,
> The installer seemed to freeze when that particular menu came up.  I say
> that because when I tried the installer again, it would not even let me
> select the next item and proceed when I got to that screen.

Ah hah. So, right after configuring the keyboard. I suspect you've
been hit with


Probably, by using a kernel in BootX to boot the installer which has
ADB keycodes configured, and the current root.bin expects the kernel
that comes with the installer, which has linux keycodes configured.

Check your selections carefully in BootX's settings, re-choose the
files and make sure they're from the folder where you put the new

If it still doesn't fly, try the boot argument from the page above.

> I did try switching consoles, but even that did not seem to work (is it
> still the apple-F[1-6] combination to rotate through the different text
> consoles ?)   And one final question - what args would I give to BootX
> to enable debugging ?

Option-F2 with linux keycodes and the installer's keymap.

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