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Re: Auto-repeat problem: released key not always detected

On  19 Aug, this message from Vincent Lefevre echoed through cyberspace:
> Sometimes, when I release a key after autorepeat, the system doesn't
> notice it and autorepeat goes on until I hit another key. This has
> already occurred in both emacs (with its own interface under X) and
> xterm, never in the console (but I don't use it very much). This can
> occur with either keys corresponding to simple characters (like '-')
> or arrow keys for instance.
> Has anyone had similar problems?

As you have found out ;-), many people have seen this problem, and it
has been around for a long time.

It is most probably a problem in the ADB driver. Chris, on your iMac, is
that with a USB keyboard? If yes, then it gets stranger...

Other than that, it seems nobody has bothered enough to trace the bug to
its root.



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