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Re: Auto-repeat problem: released key not always detected

On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 10:09:35PM +0200, Michel Lanners wrote:
> On  19 Aug, this message from Vincent Lefevre echoed through cyberspace:
> As you have found out ;-), many people have seen this problem, and it
> has been around for a long time.
> It is most probably a problem in the ADB driver. Chris, on your iMac, is
> that with a USB keyboard? If yes, then it gets stranger...
  I believe I get it on my x86 too, with a USB keyboard. I'm not positive
though. That would place the error somewhere in the input layer, which is
used by the current ADB driver and USB, but not by pckeyb.

  I'll see if I can reproduce it tonight.
  - Nick Lopez
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