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Re: On using the imstt driver on a 9600 (was: Re: X on a 9600 artifacts...)

On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 11:05:11PM +0200, Vinai Kopp wrote:
> The next thing is rescuing the box.
> According to http://penguinppc.org/projects/quik/quirks.shtml
> the "output-device defaults to ttya" on 9600 macs. Hm, how can I make
> that output visible? Any other pointers or ideas what to do?

You have two choices here. You can use a serial terminal to access
to OF interface, or you can change the settings from the MacOS. I
generally use an old Mac SE/30 running ZTerm as a serial terminal
when I need such things. Any old Mac or PC with the proper serial
cable will work. For a Mac, a standard Mac serial printer cable
works fine. For a PC, you'll need a null modem cable with a PC
style plug at one end and a Mac style plug at the other. The other
alternative is to use the MacOS on your 9600 to change the OF
settings. The Boot Variables program can change the NVRAM on
all the older models. You can find a copy online.

	Brad Boyer

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