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On using the imstt driver on a 9600 (was: Re: X on a 9600 artifacts and AltGr on Keyboard mapped to where?)

On Aug 20 2002, Vinai Kopp wrote:
> 1) Where is the keyboard mapping for the console specified?

	I don't know, as I mostly use X and use xmodmap for this

> 2) X starts using the fbdev driver (imstt doesn't work).

	I think that I know the solution to this one. I had problems
	getting the imstt driver working until I literally specified
	the PCI BusID option of the card. You can get this information
	from lspci (be warned that lspci gives the id in hex and the
	XF86Config-4 needs it in decimal).

	I also needed to use a 2.4 kernel for lspci to see all the PCI
	devices of this box (with a 2.2 kernel, lspci didn't know
	about the video card).

	Then, I hope you'll be able to use the imstt driver instead of
	fbdev, which is slower.

	Unfortunately, it seems that imstt doesn't currently implement
	the XVideo extension. Michel, if you're reading this, is there
	any possibility of having XVideo implemented for the imstt?

	Hope this helps, Roger...

 Rogério Brito - rbrito@users.sf.net - http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito

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