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Re: My Debian Woody installation won't boot

from Brad
Where did you find something that claimed the bootstrap had to
be partition 2?

From the mac-fdisk doumentation.
And also from "Installing Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 For PowerPC" version 3.0.24 24 May 2002.
Chapter 6.6 and I quote:-
"However, if you add a bootstrap partition later, you can use mac-fdisk's r command to reorder the partition map so the bootstrap partition comes right after the map (which is always partition 1)."

Does "2" come right after "1"? I think so...

I had to re-order my partitions to get them in the right place.
The re-ordering example given at the end of the mac-fdisk instructions shows the 800K bootstrap partition at number 2.

Monkey see. Monkey do. So I put it at number 2.

I may not be clever, but I can follow instructions!

from Colin
You apparently have not read the holy text:

I hope the above shows I have...
Indeed I have read so many pages I am beginning to lose track!

The post from Kent with his partition table and that from Chris showing that a bootstrap partition at the end of a 40GB drive works OK were very interesting.

I think this now points to one of 3 things.

1) my Rev A iMac is a bit peculiar
or 2) I am not up to this and should stick to Mac OS
or 3) the instructions are not complete or have errors.

and the final remark from Chris:-
What's your /etc/yaboot.conf look like?

If I knew where I might find the /etc/yaboot.conf and how to look at it I would tell you what it looks like.

I did  a bit more fiddling about after writing the above.
If I use "boot hd:7,yaboot" from Open Firmware prompt to boot the copy of yaboot on the Mac OS partition then yaboot opens up, complains about being run from a Mac OS partition instead of the bootstrap partition, then complains about the lack of yaboot.conf.

So I rebooted into Mac OS and put yaboot.conf on there as well.
Back into Open Firmware and "boot hd:7,yaboot".
I get the same complaints about not being run from bootstrap and yaboot.config complains about not being able to find stuff. It looks as though the system really does want to find something on hd:2 = 800K bootstrap but it is not there.

The version of yaboot and yaboot.conf were those copied from the Debian install CD. yaboot.conf is 4K dated May 16 2002. yaboot is version 1.3.6 dated dec 13 2001.


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