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Re: Can't start installation via yaboot at OpenFirmware prompt

Kent West wrote:
Kent West wrote:

Chris Tillman wrote:

doing it the way we say in the installation manual instead, that is,
use Drive Setup from the Mac CD to completely re-do your disk from the
ground up

I just used Drive Setup to do a Custom Initialization on the drive. I created 3 partitions: the first one was about 1700MB and I specified it to be of type "Linux Home". The second I made 256MB and specified it to be of type "A/UX swap". The third took the rest of the disk (about 5GB) and I specified to be of type "Macintosh Standard".

I then copied the four files to the newly appeared "untitled" disk icon, and rebooted into OpenFirmware. I then tried "boot hd:2,yaboot" all the way through "boot hd:10,yaboot", and they all reported the same thing: "can't OPEN: hd:2,yaboot" (or something similar).

Next suggestion from anyone?



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