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Re: Can't start installation via yaboot at OpenFirmware prompt

Chris Tillman wrote:

On Fri, Jul 05, 2002 at 10:21:32PM -0500, Kent West wrote:
At OpenFirmware prompt, I'm typing "boot hd:14,yaboot" and getting
"can't OPEN: 14:hd,yaboot   ok".

boot hd:14,yaboot
is the right syntax.

Thanks for the clarification.

This is on a Blue&White G3, 128MB RAM, 6GB drive.
Name of device: /dev/ata0.0

Partition map (with 512 byte blocks) on '/dev/ata0.0' (/dev/hda)
#:                type name              length   base     ( size )
1: Apple_partition_map Apple                 63 @ 1
2:     Apple_Bootstrap boot                1600 @ 12654848
3:    Apple_Driver_ATA*Macintosh             54 @ 64
4:    Apple_Driver_ATA*Macintosh             74 @ 118
5:  Apple_Driver_IOKit Macintosh            512 @ 192
6:       Apple_Patches Patch Partition      512 @ 704
7:     Apple_UNIX_SVR2 swap              524288 @ 1216     (256.0M)
8:     Apple_UNIX_SVR2 /                 153600 @ 525504   ( 75.0M)
9:     Apple_UNIX_SVR2 /tmp               51200 @ 679104   ( 25.0M)
10:     Apple_UNIX_SVR2 /usr             3276800 @ 730304   (  1.6G)
11:     Apple_UNIX_SVR2 /var              512000 @ 4007104  (250.0M)
12:     Apple_UNIX_SVR2 /home            1024000 @ 4519104  (500.0M)
13:           Apple_HFS "MacOS"          6963200 @ 5543104  (  3.3G)
14:           Apple_HFS "MacShared"       148544 @ 12506304 ( 72.5M)
Still, it seems odd to me that the "Get Info" on the "MacOS" drive shows
"Mac OS Extended" and the "MacShared" drive shows "Mac OS Standard", yet
pdisk shows both partitions as "Apple_HFS".

I think the other poster was right about Apple_HFS and HFS+. In any case, it sounds like your setup should work now.
Thanks to Chris and Brad for pointing this out. So I reckon that means there's no way to distinguish or create an HFS+ partition using pdisk?

Which debian-imac release are you using, the 2.2 or 3.0? Perhaps there's
been some corruption of the yaboot binary or something.
The installation instructions pointed me to a .sit archive at http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/debian-imac/debian-imac.sit; that site doesn't say what release it is, and I'm not at the Mac at the moment to read any ReadMe's, etc. The installation instructions also point to http://http.us.debian.org/debian/dists/potato/main/disks-powerpc/current/ to get the files individually, so I reckon it's the stable/potato release. I'll know more Monday when I get back to the Mac.

When you dragged the 4 files, you put them on the disk icon for the Shared partition, not on the desktop, right?

Yes. I dragged the whole debian-imac folder to the MacShared icon, then opened the MacShared icon, opened the debian-imac folder, opened the "copy these files to the root of hard disk" (or something similar) folder, grabbed all four files, and copied them (not moved - I used Alt-Click&Hold&Drab, or Command-, or whatever the proper key is that does a copy instead of a move) to the open MacShared icon, which would be equivalent (I believe) to dropping them onto the MacShared icon from the desktop.

Thanks for the response, Chris & Brad!

Any more info that anyone can help with would be appreciated. Monday, I'll try copying the files down manually from the alternative site mentioned above and try with those.


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