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Re: Can't start installation via yaboot at OpenFirmware prompt

Josh Huber wrote:

<snip re: explanation of partitioning on Mac>

I hope that helps...

Yes, it does. Thanks! It doesn't solve my problem, but it helps me to understand what's going on.

I just wiped all the partitions (first with Disk Setup, then with pdisk) except the first 6 or so (the partition map, the Appleboot partition, the disk drivers) and then created a large 5g Linux partition, and the rest an Apple_HFS partition. I then tried copying the files to the new Mac disk within OS 9, then rebooted into OpenFirmware (version 3.1.1), and still am seeing the same results:

I type "boot hd:8,yaboot", and it replies "can't OPEN: hd:7,yaboot" (or something similar -- I'm doing this from memory at the moment).

It feels like OpenFirmware just can't open that partition (or any partition for that matter). Is there some sort of test to isolate the problem to either the Linux files or to OpenFirmware/the Mac?



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