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Re: zip mediume question ?

On 23 Shevat 5762, Eric Deveaud wrote:

> at boot time when there is no zip in the drive, dmesg complains
> about "READ CAPACITY failed" and kernel is assuming that "lock size
> assumed to be 512 bytes, disk size 1GB." humm I would like that my
> zip drive could be used as jaz drives ;-))

Not sure why it says this, but that doesn't affect the usage of the

> why the zip drive, removable disk, is tested while there is no
> medium ??  is there a way to correct/enhance this.

I'm sure there probably is some way (I defer to kernel hackers here),
but in my experience the message really has no bearing on the use of
the drive.  If you put a ZIP cartridge into that drive and mount it
appropriately using sdc1 or sdc5 or whatever the partition ends up
being on there, it will work just fine, and the computer will realize
that it's not a 1GB cartridge and treat it right.  I have used both
100MB and 250MB ZIPs this way and they just work, despite the message.
You can read and write whatever filesystems are supported with your
kernel, HFS, FAT, and you can even format the ZIP ext2 and make it
Linux-only if you like.  I've done this with an 8600/250 with the
internal ZIP, probably the same adapter/drive combo that you have in
your 9600, and it has no problems, under any working 2.2 or 2.4
Charles Sebold                                    23rd of Shevat, 5762

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