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Re: zip mediume question ?

On Tue, 5 Feb 2002, Charles Sebold wrote:

> On 23 Shevat 5762, Eric Deveaud wrote:

> Not sure why it says this, but that doesn't affect the usage of the
> drive.

rigth it still useable.

> > why the zip drive, removable disk, is tested while there is no
> > medium ??  is there a way to correct/enhance this.

I find it strange, and was surprised by the message, I think it was
handed the same way as CDrom.

> If you put a ZIP cartridge into that drive and mount it
> appropriately using sdc1 or sdc5 or whatever the partition ends up
> being on there, it will work just fine, and the computer will realize
> that it's not a 1GB cartridge and treat it right.

yes it mounts perfectly.

> I have used both 100MB and 250MB ZIPs this way and they just work,

whaooo, I'll try a 250M as soon as possible.

> You can read and write whatever filesystems are supported with your
> kernel, HFS, FAT, and you can even format the ZIP ext2 and make it
> Linux-only if you like.

it's yet done.
zig:~ > cat /etc/fstab
/dev/zip  /zip     ext2    defaults,user,noauto       0 0
/dev/zip  /zip-mac hfs     rw,gid=110,user,noauto     0 0

I use it as
1) a share disk between various computers.
2) share zone between MacOS/Linux


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