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Palm m100 + Keyspan USB/Serial on Power Mac G4 (Woody PPC)

Hi all,

I want to use my Palm m100 with "Ximian-Evolution". The palm is
connected to a Keyspan Usb/Serial adaptator.

I have loaded theses modules on my 2.4.16 Kernel :



I created a device with the "mknod" command.

The device is /dev/usb/ttyUSB0, and i can back-up all my palm's data
with this tool "pilot-xfer" on a terminal window with root account.

But what to do with datas i have backup ?

Is exists a graphical tool who can edit theses datas ?

I didn't manage to use gnome-pilot with the palm, and "ximian-evolution"
uses gnome-pilot.....

Thanks for help.


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