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Re: zip mediume question ?

> > about "READ CAPACITY failed" and kernel is assuming that "lock size
> > assumed to be 512 bytes, disk size 1GB." humm I would like that my
> > zip drive could be used as jaz drives ;-))
> Not sure why it says this, but that doesn't affect the usage of the
> drive.

It says that just to be picky (and to indicate it'll fill the device
structure with possibly bogus data for the time being).

As soon as there's a disk in the drive, the next read will correct these
bogus data anyway.

> > why the zip drive, removable disk, is tested while there is no
> > medium ??  is there a way to correct/enhance this.
> I'm sure there probably is some way (I defer to kernel hackers here),

The simplest way to tell if there's media in the drive is to try and read
the drive's capacity, then figure out what the error message means. IOW:
assume it's a fixed media drive until proven wrong. A more complicated way
would be

- figure out if it's a removable drive if possible (meaning the initial
  device identify reply must supply that information)

- figure out if there's media present if removable

- skip READ_CAPACITY if no media present, and tell off the user like in
  the current situation.

Consult the SCSI-2 standard to check if any of the above is supported by
the standard.


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