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Re: The 'startx' effort continues...

> as a side note: what i am trying to overcome myself now is this gets
> you into X and runs nicely... except when the automatic screen dimming
> occurs the x server crashes and dumps you back to text mode and then
> xdm respawns itself and gives you the X login screen (after the 4th(?)
> time it just puts you back into the text console...

I'm pretty sure this bug is fixed in newer versions of XFree86.  If you
don't want to upgrade to XFree 4.0, you can work around it by putting the
following into /etc/X11/xdm/Xsetup :

xset s noblank

You may also need to put it in your xsession file (I'm not sure whether it
will still be in effect after you log in).

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