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Re: woody boot-floppies

>well until someone donates an ibook2 to me i can't be sure what the
>deal is, all i know is a report from benh that he simply could not get
>debian's 2.2.19 to boot his ibook2 period, and i am pretty sure he
>hacked around on it for awhile.

Heh, well, don't assume to much about me :) I don't think I tried
the novideo thing, most of the tests I did were with 2.4 kernels
anyway as 2.2.x lacks a few rather important thing to support
recent machines properly.

Anyway, given the current status of 2.4.x, I think I will take
some time next week to backport most of this to 2.2.20 so at
least a reliable 2.2.x can be used for people who don't want
to fight with the various 2.4.x problems :(


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