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Re: Supported models


> i have an idea on this... how about a small Mac OS application that you
> could d/l and run and it would read the gestalt id and report weather the
> machine will run and what dist minimum to use (i.e Beige G3 would report
> something like 'This machine would need bootx to startup and Dist 2.2r2 or
> newer') this would probly make it easier for people new to linux to decide
> wheather they a) want to try linux and b) a starting point as to what dist
> to try....

This would of course be a fine tool, though I am wondering why not to just put
an up-to-date model list up to
http://www.debian.org/ports/powerpc/inst/install.en.html in a first step.

This list looks extremly outdated to me (no to talk about the 'tested'


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