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Re: Advice on a iBook ...

I've seen some good discussion about the G3 vs. G4 on this
thread, but you all are neglecting the rest of the system when
comparing the TiBook vs. iBook2.

TiBook as 100MHz bus vs. 66MHz in iBook2.  This is a *big* deal.
Also, the TiBook has large 1MB cache running at 200MHz vs. iBook2's
256KB cache running at full clock (500MHz).  So, depending on your
app and how it uses the cache, you could see some major performance
differences here.  The iBook2 will win if the cache requirements are
small (disregard AltiVec for now) and TiBook will kill the iBook2
as soon as the cache requirements go up.

For me, I was hesitant about investing in old processor technology.
I wanted the fast system bus, more RAM expansion, and a big cache
since I think that will be more useful.  I'm also interested in
MacOS and I think that Aqua (or whatever it's called) must be tapping
into the AltiVec ... yikes! The DVD stuff is nice, but not a deciding factor since I already have another standalone player.

The key is overall system balance and a little planning for how you
want to use the laptop in the future.  It's a tough choice, but once
you get things configured the price difference is about $500.

-- Blake

Michel Dänzer wrote:

On Tue, 2001-10-16 at 11:53, Rogério Brito wrote:

	My most advanced projects as a user are watching DivX movies,
	encoding MP3s with lame and playing files with xmms. I'd like
	to take the lowest (i.e., cheapest) processor that could make
	me watch the DivX movies without skipping.

The G3 is basically enough for that, it works fairly well even on my 400
MHz Pismo. Yesterday I had a conversation with someone on IRC who
suggested there might currently be problems with the dmasound drivers on
iBook2s which prevent smooth playback though.

The G4 can be several times as fast if Altivec is used, it's about the
same speed otherwise.

	And what is the status of playing DVDs with an iBook2 or a

The TiBook is apparently fine now that vlc supports Altivec, the iBook2
is probably on the edge. I think it will be very hard to achieve perfect
playback on a G3 without hardware iDCT and/or motion compensation.

     What about the region thing (i.e., the drives are
	unfortunately RPC2, right)?

The free players don't care about that. :)

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