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Re: Advice on a iBook ... [OT - TiBook recommendation because you asked for it]

Carlos -

Glad to be of help :) As far as a recommendation for a PowerBook, I have to say my TiBook is pretty nice. I went for the G4/400 model, got a ~$150 instant rebate, bought 512 MB RAM for 2x$37 and an AirPort card for $99. There are additional rebates if you want to buy things like printers too. I think I got a pretty decent deal.

I've never seen or touched an iBook2 so I can't compare. Also, this is my first PPC laptop so I can't really comment on how good of a Linux laptop it will be in the long run.

I think that if you're interested in using OS X down the road, you'll be better off with a G4 (disregard clock rate). At the moment, that limits your choice to a TiBook. If you're going for Linux only, your decision gets harder and you could probably get by with a G3. Of course, the TiBook is made of TITANIUM and has a 15" screen @5.3 lbs. Cool .......

-- Blake

Base on your recomendation I choose my default OS in
the StartUp Disk Control Panel in the Mac side and it
worked, the default OS is MacOS and if I use the
option key at boot I get to the graphical Mac/Debian
loader ... Thanks !!! ... Hapiness everywhere !!!.

Blessings ... Carlos.

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