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Re: Advice on a iBook ...

On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, Blake Carlson wrote:

> I've seen some good discussion about the G3 vs. G4 on this
> thread, but you all are neglecting the rest of the system when
> comparing the TiBook vs. iBook2.
> TiBook as 100MHz bus vs. 66MHz in iBook2.  This is a *big* deal.
> Also, the TiBook has large 1MB cache running at 200MHz vs. iBook2's
> 256KB cache running at full clock (500MHz).  So, depending on your
> app and how it uses the cache, you could see some major performance
> differences here.  The iBook2 will win if the cache requirements are
> small (disregard AltiVec for now) and TiBook will kill the iBook2
> as soon as the cache requirements go up.

Well, this is no longer true.  The 600MHz iBook has a 100MHz bus.  The
500MHz model has a 66MHz bus.  Both the iBook and the newest TiBook have a
256KB cache on the chip.

Another difference that nobody is mentioning is the TiBook has a PCMCIA
slot where the iBook has none.  I use mine for better wireless ethernet
(that lucent/airport rig sucks) and to attach SCSI peripherals.  With the
iBook I guess you would have to resort to an IEEE-1394 <-> SCSI bridge?

The TiBook has gigabit ethernet and the iBook has 10/100.  This probably
doesn't matter to anyone but there it is.

Apple have just introduced a new 667 MHz TiBook with 16 MB Radeon
graphics.  This should be considerably zippier than the previous model.

I hope I have covered all the differences between these two laptops :)


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