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Re: XFree86 update question

Michel Dänzer wrote:

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

but it's also mouse button 2/3 for many of us, as
advice on how to make it so with the new input layer was posted numerous
times to this list.  Forcing one to either not use alt, or change mouse
button emulation keys which one has used for years, does constitute
breakage of backward compatibility.

So, no more desktop switching in the console or X, and more importantly,
no ctrl-alt-f1 from X to the console, and when the mouse freezes (if I
try to log out and back in), I am dead, and must use my wife's Windoze
PC to ssh in and kill X/gdm (which is not only embarassing, but messes
up my GNOME session).

You have to sacrifice a key for each emulated mouse button in any case. If
that key has an important function now, you either have to change the keymap
or use another key for emulation. There's no way to avoid that.

Sure, but 3+ years of precedent with ADB keyboards should mean something, right?

Branden, I agree with you somewhat that alt should be alt; on the other hand, the Mac ADB keyboard layout is such that command is where alt would be on a PC keyboard, and alt is where those Windows keys would be, so for "position compatibility" between the two -- for users of both types of keyboards -- command really should be alt. I "wasn't there", but would guess this is why we've been doing things this way for so long.

I'm perfectly comfortable with doing things either way for fresh installs. But to deny people the choice of which way to do it on upgrade is uncool.

For this reason, I have reverted to ADB keycodes and the macintosh_old
keyboard mapping in X, and everything works again (except the mouse and
font problems, but those are separate).

Your choice...

Nope. If I upgrade to the most recent kernel-image-2.2.19-pmac (I think 2.2.19-3.1), ADB keycodes are totally disabled. IMHO, this lack of choice should be considered a bug.

Here's a possible way out: enable ADB keycodes in the new kernel, so the keycodes are selectable via the /proc file. Then put an entry in /etc/sysctl.conf something like dev/mac_hid/keyboard_sends_linux_keycodes=1. (Can we do this for pmac only?) So new installs get linux keycodes, and upgrades get to have a real choice, which is documented in the upgrade notes.

Makes sense?

[Trying my best to ignore Ethan's worthless flame...]


-Adam P.

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