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Re: XFree86 update question

Michel Dänzer wrote:

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

So, no more desktop switching in the console or X, and more importantly,
no ctrl-alt-f1 from X to the console, and when the mouse freezes (if I
try to log out and back in), I am dead, and must use my wife's Windoze
PC to ssh in and kill X/gdm (which is not only embarassing, but messes
up my GNOME session).

BTW, if you're in that miserable situation ever again, killall -3
gnome-session should quit the GNOME session more or less cleanly.

Thanks, that's about what I do when I ssh in from my wife's Windows machine, but hadn't used -3. But I can't do anything at my machine until then. (I suppose there might be a WM keyboard shortcut to open a terminal, and if I open enough terminals so that one eventually intersects the mouse, then I can killall -3 gnome-session... but I don't know such a keyboard shortcut.)

For now, after each logout, I have to restart gdm from the console, which kinda defeats the purpose of a *dm... but again, that's because of the mouse...


-Adam P.

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