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Re: XFree86 update question

Michael Heironimus wrote:

At 18:08 -0400 9/10/01, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

Second problem: using gdm and gnome-session, the mouse stops working after the first logout, that is, the mouse is frozen at the second gdm login screen. I observed this behavior also on an i386 system freshly installed with X 4.1.0 three weeks ago (but not on previously-installed continuously-upgraded systems), and switched to /dev/gpmdata, which solved it for some time, then it broke again, so I removed gpm. Unfortunately, there is no /dev/gpmdata on PPC, and with the X keymap broken I kinda "need" gpm to work at the console, so I haven't tried removing it.

I get the same thing with KDE/kdm after pulling down the updates in testing. The X cursor does not respond to mouse movement, and restarting the X server fixes it.

Yup, this problem is not solved. (Didn't really expect it to be with a keyboard mapping change.) Nice to hear a "me too". :-)

I haven't really had much time to look in to that, or the other problem that popped up at the same time (fonts in KDE are completely screwed up - all the fonts keep getting set to Agate, and Agate isn't a very useful terminal font).

You know, I had a number of fonts substituted by one I didn't recognize, now that you say this, I checked and it's Agate. Very bizarre!

I'd call these "important" bugs, how about you? Do you want to file this bug report?


-Adam P.

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