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XFree86 update question

Hello everyone, 

I did my normal apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade for woody last night, 
and when XFree86 [server] | [common] | [whatever] replaces the version that 
was there before, it completely replaces my keymap with something else. In 
order to fix this problem, I have reboot the computer, rather than just 
restart X. I was particularly frustrated last night as I was working with 
zope, and I lost all ability to do anything until I rebooted. Thank goodness 
my mouse still worked :-) Besides that, I get asked a few questions about new 
settings or staying with defaults and I can't even say what I want to do 
since the keys are all messed up...

Is there something that can be done about that? What causes that, anyway, 
user error on my part? ;-) 


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