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Re: XFree86 update question

Michel Dänzer wrote:

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

This is all a lot less important given this morning's events, but it is
nice to have X working so I can use a graphival browser, etc.  Thanks

You're welcome, and you're right that this is relatively unimportant. Let me
express my deepest shock and sympathy.

Thank you.

Michel Dänzer wrote:

On Tue, 2001-09-11 at 00:08, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

[ broken keymap with XFree86 4.1.0 ]

Ethan Benson wrote:

switch the kernel to use linux keycodes.

Done that (long since).

Are you sure? /proc/sys/dev/mac_hid/keyboard_sends_linux_keycodes
doesn't exist or contains 1?

As we say in New York, "Akhaa!"  The file exists and contains zero.
Replacing it with one solved the problem.[snip]

Not that this means anything, nor that I'm any expert, but if I was this
confused, how about a newbie?

All the more reason to switch to Linux keycodes completely IMHO.

I agree, it will make things less confusing.

Should there be some kind of auto-detection of HID and
keyboard_sends_linux_keycodes in the .config and/or .postinst of the
xserver, to detect and advise or correct such a situation?

Not a bad idea, Branden?

Thanks, just looked, there's no bug, so I've just filed one.

Or are we all comfortable with just letting lots of users
get frustrated and confused, as with last December's change?

Of course not.

The bottom line is: This won't be a problem for fresh woody installs as they
will use Linux keycodes from the start. The tricky part is to make upgrades as
smooth as possible, the big chunk of which has been done in console-data.

Really? How does this happen, I mean, with the same kernel-image, how does a fresh install default to the Linux keycodes? And, apart from an /etc/init.d script, is there a convenient way to make this the boot-time default on my machine? (Another user emailed me separately with this question too...)

Thanks again,

-Adam P.

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