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Compile err with kernel-2.4.9 : kbd_rate undeclared when building on ppc.


I tried compiling the latest kernel (2.4.9) in order to use linux keycodes
(which seems to be required as I updated XF86 from 4.0 to 4.1.)

During the kernel build, the compiler stopped with an error:

drivers/char/vt.c:507: 'kdb_rate' undeclared.

Examining the file vt.c, the segment of code where the compile err happens
is apparently used for m68k/i386 according to the comment above the case
KDKBDREP: line. 

Note that this code doesn't use any conditional defines for this arch (is
that ok?) I did a grep to find out where kbd_rate is defined, and found that
it is not defined for the ppc arch, but only for m68k, i386, arm, and alpha
(in keyboard.h: #define kbd_rate pckbdrate.)

In order to build the kernel, I have been using the standard menuconfig to
set the build flags, so I don't think my .config is bogus: no flag has been
set by editing the .config manually, just by setting menu options.

Did I miss something? I was able to compile 2.4.8 on the same system
recently (but I didn't have to change the keyboard selection; this is the
only difference.)

Thanks for your help in advance,


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