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Re: HFS Plus on Linux ?

> >nope, there is no linux filesystem driver for HFS+ that works, and
> >likly never will be, there was some work going on but it stalled and
> >died.
> Why is this? If hfsplusutils can happily read from HFS+ volumes, it
> says to me that the structure of the filesystem is reasonably well
> documented.. and I can't think of a significant reason why this would
> not be possible. Mind you, I've never worked with the kernel, so I'm
> no expert -- there's probably something I'm missing. :)

Yep. The Linux kernel programming experience is what you're missing.
hfsplusutils doesn't need to deal with VFS internals directly, it just
opens /dev/hdsomething and that's it.

The Linux VFS did undergo so many wide ranging changes in the last two
years it's not even funny. Incidentially, that's about the same time that
work on the HFS kernel module has stalled, so starting from the current
HFS module wouldn't be too helpful (not to mention it seems to be buggy
anyway). There never were many kernel hackers familiar with HFS to begin
with, and it just got worse from there.

> I have definite reasons for desiring HFS+ under Linux, at least until

So see if you can convince someone to write a HFS+ module, or get your own
hands dirty. With hfsplusutils available most people seem to be happy


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