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Re: HFS Plus on Linux ?

Ethan Benson writes:

> writing filesystem drivers is rather difficult, and generally not very
> fun from what i hear.  of course it depends on the filesystem too,
> there are lots of people who seem to enjoy working on things like xfs
> and reiserfs...  from everything ive read from people who worked on
> hfs+ its not a pleasant thing to deal with.
> its just hard to motivate oneself to work on a crappy filesystem that
> will never be used mainstream (unlike ext2, ext3, xfs etc).

Oh come on. There is hope. Look at the Amiga filesystem, with the
insane hard linked directories. Linux supports that. Linux also
supports SGI Irix's obsolete EFS, IBM OS/2's HPFS, the QNX filesystem,
various disgusting SysV and SCO filesystems... There is even some
out-of-tree support for Commodore 64, VMS, Netware on-disk format,
and BeOS filesystems. Plain iso9660 is enough to make me feel sick,
and lest we not forget, "FAT32" which is really 28-bit with 4 bits
of uninitialized junk and the directory format from Hell.

Tell how HFS+ isn't just a popular and beautiful design in comparison
to some of that trash.

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