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Re: OT: Darwin

Bjoern Berg wrote:
On Sonntag, 9. September 2001 05:23 Leandro Guimarães Faria Corsetti Dutra wrote:

Perhaps you should wait not only for usability, but also for politics. Apple's license on Darwin isn't free, and the goodies that compensate for
Darwin's problems aren't even available -- they're part of Mac OS X only.

Yes, that was something, I see first when I visited the darwin home and what embittered me. Hope that they would change this policy in the way to mklinux.

No, it's the other way round -- MkLinux was an Apple-supported project that got Apple's hands dirty on free software after the A/UX debacle and before the NeXT takeover. Now it has been abandoned in favor of its cousin NeXTStep, under the Mac OS X name.

And it makes sense: as Mach under a monolithic kernel is only bloat, and as most of the services in Mac OS X are provided by the Cocoa (OpenStep, Objective C) layer, it pays to use a simpler, leaner, faster kernel (BSD) instead of the more full-featured, user-friendly GNU/Linux.

MkLinux continues strictly voluntary without Apple support, but I can't make any sense of it. If one wants Mach for its flexibility, the way is a multiserver architecture like GNU/Hurd's; if one wants Linux for its performance, Mach is only a hindrance.

Well, that's what I'm looking for, but not as alternative more as a supplement to Linux.

	Hmm, kinda dual-booting?

I'm using an old Powerbook 1400c and it is not well supported by any Linux-Distribution. Some Hackers were needed, who made the MediaBay-CD-ROM working.
PCMCIA and SCSI is not working and sound too.
So, my idea was to look around, if others had more success to get an unix based system running on this powerbook, or if not perhaps some components.

Perhaps your best bet would be NetBSD, have you already checked? While I am much enamored of Debian GNU/Linux, the NetBSD folks have a more mature OS in a far more mature port to PowerPC and a more pragmatic attitude that may help in the short run.

What's about woody? Has it anyimproved new features that could help?

Yes, it has a better installer, sports Linux keycodes instead of ADB ones, features Linux 2.4 and XFree 4...

	As the PowerPC port is still immature, every step forward is a big improvement.

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